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Property Investment Courses for 1st time Investors and Rentvestors created by Professional Property Investors

Our online courses are designed with you in mind and give you the knowledge to buy your own investment property with confidence and show you

How to

Are you confused and uncertain about where to start when it comes to property investing?

You’re not alone.

There’s SO much information online about property investing and most of it is aimed at selling you an investment property.

We don’t sell properties.

Instead we offer quality online content and live coaching on how to invest in property.

Imagine if you could access practical online content and live coaching written by experienced and professional property investors that showed you how to buy your own investment property?

Property Coaching​

Welcome to our exclusive offering designed specifically for first-time property investors.

If you're ready to dive into the world of property investment, we have the perfect toolkit to get you started and guide you towards success.

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What We Offer:

Weekly Video Content

Each week, you’ll receive a new video covering essential topics such as the property investor mindset, strategic planning, understanding and leveraging good vs. bad debt, mastering finance, research and property selection using tech, property cycles and supply and demand, crunching the numbers, negotiation, due diligence, conveyancing and property management.
Our comprehensive approach ensures you understand every aspect of the property market.

Monthly Downloadable Resources

Complement your learning with monthly downloads including detailed checklists, tools, and other valuable resources that align with the monthly topics. These are crafted to aid your understanding and application of the strategies discussed in the videos.

Live Q&A Sessions

Every month, participate in a live Q&A session via Zoom where you can ask questions, seek advice, and discuss your progress with experts and fellow investors.

Real Case Studies: Learn from real-life examples. Our case studies provide insight into successful investments and teach important lessons from less successful ventures, so you avoid the traps.

Why Join Us?

The Property Investor’s Lounge is an investment in your future. For the cost of one take away coffee a week, you get 52 weeks of targeted, actionable content and ongoing support through live sessions, you’ll be equipped to make informed, strategic property investment decisions.

Ready to transform your future with smart property investments? Join our waitlist today and be the first to access this invaluable resource as soon as it launches.

Secure your spot and start your journey to becoming a savvy property investor.

Who the Courses are FOR:

  • First time property investors and Rentvestors who want to understand exactly HOW property investing works
  • Those who want to access a practical online learning platform that is created by professional and experienced property investors
  • Those wanting to join a community of investors, share their experiences and be immersed in the opportunities that come from belonging to the investor community
  • First time investors and Rentvestors who have a goal of using their first property purchase as a stepping stone to growing a property portfolio

Who the Courses are NOT FOR:

  • Those who want to be involved but not do the work required to achieve a successful outcome
  • Those who are not open or accepting of hearing the opinions and experiences of others

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