Episode 15: Podcast with Leah Gore

Today’s guest, Leah Gore, is a Gen Y investor who started her property journey because of very unusual circumstances. She then decided to ‘Rentvest’ for many years and at her tender age controls just under $2m in property assets. Leah gives us some great tips but it wasn’t all smooth sailing that’s for sure. She […]

Episode 14: Podcast with Mimma Cortes

Today’s guest, Mimma Cortes, explains how she overcame many obstacles to get into property investment. She tells us not to worry about your level of income but borrow what you can and buy property according to what you can afford. You can still build a performing portfolio with the right goals (and the right broker!) […]

Episode 13: Episode with Sara Pantaleo

Sara Pantaleo shares her inspiring property investment journey with us today. Her country of origin is Italy where the vast majority of people never owned property. She made it her goal when she moved to Australia that she would buy property – a house on land which she achieved in her 20’s. The rest of […]

Episode 12: Podcast with Ruth Jardine

My guest today is Ruth Jardine and she has a very interesting property selection criteria when it comes to sourcing her investment properties. Ruth has purchased properties in two countries and really enjoys the ‘renovate and hold’ strategy to create wealth. Her energy and efforts have paid off and she shares lots of tips on […]

Episode 11: Podcast with Sharron Keogh

Sharron Keogh started invested in property as a single woman having sought and undertaken various courses in property investing, renovation and buy and hold strategies. Her first investment was purchased in 2013 and she has had some hiccups along the way, having sold the property some 6 years later and much wiser for her experience, […]

Episode 10: Podcast with Sharon Burton

Investors learn how, at the age of 24, Sharon Burton started her property investment journey. Her property portfolio was started in country Victoria and then continued to be built in London. Best of all, the income from her investment portfolio enabled her to have time off with her young children. Sharon has continued to build […]

Episode 9: Podcast with Fairien Azeem

Today’s guest is Fairien Azeem, Financial Advisor and property investor. Fairien takes us on a great journey from saving a 20% deposit for her first home, having children, starting a business and then launching into investing in property for her future. What she has to say about ‘mindset’ is incredible and makes you think about […]

Episode 8: Podcast with Julie Gray

Today’s guest is Julie Gray. Her investment journey started in her early 20’s when she was working in real estate and was given some great guidance from her colleagues on how to buy her first investment property. Julie has built her portfolio of 6 properties, has been a single mum and changed career paths a […]

Episode 7: Podcast with Dianne Horton and May Cowie

In this episode, Julie Crockett speaks with two powerhouse property investors, Dianne Horton and May Cowie who started their property investment journey from very humble beginnings with very little savings. Determined to leave their ‘day jobs’ behind, they got an education and have now progressed to undertaking renovating really horrible houses, JV partnerships and small […]

Episode 6: Podcast with Michelle Harvey

For all aspiring property investors, today’s investor, Michelle Harvey tells us about her first couple of property purchases that turned out to be “disappointing”. So ,what did she do? She sold them and then started her investment journey to build her current portfolio of 11 properties (soon to be 12) over a 30 year period. […]