Julie Crockett's Buyer's Agent Course

Next Buyer's Agent Course intake is
Tuesday May 28 at 8 p.m.

Are you a Real Estate professional wanting to elevate your career by specialising as a Buyer’s Agent for investors?

Perhaps you’re a Real Estate Franchise owner or Company looking to expand your revenue streams by integrating a Buyer’s Agent division into your existing sales operation.

Franchise owners, in particular, can leverage their existing infrastructure and extensive network across various Australian states to facilitate the purchasing process for clients.

Introducing the Buyer’s Agent Course, a tailored program designed for real estate professionals and other aligned businesses eager to service their investor clients and source high-quality investment properties nationwide.

Who Should Enroll in the Buyer’s Agent Course?

  • Real Estate Class 1 or Class 2 Licence holders aiming to broaden their career prospects and transition into skilled Buyer’s Agents
  • Mortgage brokers who have a current real estate licence and expand their business to include a Buyer’s Agent service
  • Property managers who have a database of investors needing help to build their property portfolio
  • Other aligned real estate professionals with a current real estate licence who want to train as a Buyer’s Agent

Course Overview

The Buyer’s Agent Course runs for 12 months, with concentrated course content delivered across a 5-week period. There’s also weekly, live online Coaching and Q and A for the first 5 weeks then a monthly Master Class and Accountability and Coaching session for
next 11 months to maximise learning.

The Buyer’s Agent Course is crafted to equip new Buyer’s Agents with the necessary tools and knowledge to kick-start their business or confidently work as a Buyer’s Agent in an existing sales office.

Who is your trainer?


Julie is the CEO of Australian Property Investment Solutions, a Buyer’s Agency for investors which she founded in 2010.

Julie is an experienced property investor, starting her property portfolio in 2002. She built a large residential portfolio as a single mum on a teaching income and has helped hundreds of mum and dad investors build their property portfolios.

Over the years, Julie has coached many first time investors to buy their own properties and in recent times has created a dedicated Course for Buyer’s Agents.

She recognised that many real estate agents who work in sales would like the challenge to upskill as a Buyer’s Agent and represent the buyer in property transactions.

That’s when her Course, the ‘Buyers Agent Course‘ was created.

Coaching existing sales agents to diversify their skills and step into the Buyer’s Agent arena is Julie’s way of continuing to help others and to give back to the industry that she loves.

Ensuring that each new Buyer’s Agent receives the best training and coaching and is supported throughout the entire journey is paramount to the ongoing professionalism of the industry.

Julie continues to service her corporate clients and also writes regularly for Australian Property Investor Magazine, providing expert commentary on the property market.
She also hosts a weekly podcast called, ‘Her Investment Property’.

In her spare time she loves to get away with family and friends to a beach location and simply relax.

What’s my WHY?

In the real estate industry, Buyer’s Agents play a crucial role in assisting clients looking to purchase investment properties.

Most real estate sales agents are not skilled to handle the responsibilities of a Buyer’s Agent, as their training and experience focus primarily on representing sellers.

That’s why I’m offering a dedicated course, the ‘Buyers Agent Course‘ for existing real estate sales agents.

The program is designed to upskill these agents as Buyer’s Agents, providing them with the necessary knowledge, skills and live coaching support to serve their investor clients.

The objective is to enable them to fully comprehend the unique requirements and goals of their investor buyers, provide tailored solutions that meet their buyer’s needs and have all the resources they need to source quality investment properties and make the entire client journey a smooth and successful one.

By upskilling existing real estate sales agents as Buyer’s Agents, investors will benefit from working with experienced professionals who have a thorough understanding of their Property Strategy and can help them build property portfolios.

Elevating the role of Buyer’s Agents in the real estate industry is another crucial objective of this training program.

Buyer’s Agents are somewhat overlooked in the real estate industry because of their relatively small number, with much of the attention being focused on sales agents. However, as the importance of investor clients grows, it is essential to have a pool of qualified Buyers Agents who can represent their interests effectively.

Through the ‘Buyers Agent Course‘, agents will gain the knowledge, skills and support needed to serve clients effectively, ultimately elevating the role of Buyer’s Agents in the real estate industry.