How toxic financial abuse can be overcome by Financial Independence.

Financial independence is not just about having control over your finances, but it can also give you greater control over your relationships. Women who are financially dependent on someone else can feel trapped or obligated to stay in a relationship, even if it is not healthy or fulfilling.

However, when you are financially independent, you can make decisions about your relationships based on what is best for you, rather than what is best for your finances.

When women are financially dependent on their partner, it can create a power imbalance in the relationship. The partner who is financially independent may have more control over the relationship and can use finances as a way to manipulate or control the other person. This can create a sense of obligation or dependence, which can make it difficult to leave the relationship.

We’re seeing many versions of this being played out in society and this fairly subtle form of domestic violence often goes unseen but nevertheless, the repercussions can be immense.

Many women have found themselves “stuck” in a financially abusive relationship and because they don’t have their own financial means to leave the relationship, they often feel compelled to stay put, especially when there are children involved.

Being financially independent can change this dynamic by giving women the power to make decisions based on their own needs and desires, rather than what is best for their finances. Those who are financially independent can leave a relationship without worrying about the financial consequences.

Investing in property can be a great way for women to gain that financial independence. It can be the starting point to provide a reliable source of passive income and provide a sense of security both now and in the future.

Buying investment properties can lead to a far greater financial ‘end goal’ whether you stay partnered to the same person for life or not.

Having your own separate income streams gives you the freedom to make decisions that are right for you and being financially independent means that you also have the freedom to pursue your own interests giving you a sense of fulfillment and purpose outside of your relationships, which can enhance overall well-being.

Tapping into property investment courses, podcasts and books is a great start to learning how to invest. Joining like-minded property investment groups for women also provides support when you’re getting started on your property investment journey.