Her Investment Property with Louise Sanghera

My guest today is Louisa Sanghera, Director of Zippy Financial. Louisa is a powerhouse mortgage broker and runs a multi award winning brokerage. She talks today about the impact that rising interest rates are having and gives some tips on how mortgage holders can manage their debt. After the 9th consecutive interest rate rise, everyone […]

Her Investment Property Podcast with Hagar Lipa

Today’s guest is Hagar Lipa, Director of The Lynden Group. Hagar is an Accountant who has a passion for women to understand their finances and then grow them to achieve financial independence. She is also a SMSF Specialist and has helped many women to understand the pros and cons of setting up a SMSF. This […]

Her Investment Property Podcast with Bernadette Janson

Today’s guest is Bernadette Janson, property investor and serial renovator who started renovating at the tender age of 13. She is an investor with a sharp focus on ‘buying to renovate’ which effectively means buying a property well under market value and then adding value with a modern renovation. There are loads of laughs and […]

Her Investment Property Podcast with Danielle Lenzo

My guest today is the amazing Danielle Lenzo who is a CFO of a Multi National Company and serial property investor. She admits that her first investment property was purchased with minimal property investment knowledge but fast forward almost 20 years and Danielle is making up for lost time, having just bought her fourth investment […]

Her Investment Property Podcast with Vanessa Medling

Today’s amazing guest is Vanessa Medling, a woman who knows what she wants and takes action to make it happen. Vanessa has raised 2 children as a single mum, worked in a ‘safe’ government job and then decided that now the kids are young adults she would make some changes for “her”. I know you […]

Her Investment Property Podcast with Julie Crockett

“Today Julie Crockett answers some ‘curly’ questions that many investors are asking right now: What do I do when my loan repayments blow out and I’m now negatively geared by more than $1000 per month? My partner and I both work but we no longer have a buffer and the cost of holding the property […]

Her Investment Property Podcast with Andrew Gardiner

My special guest today is Andrew Gardiner, Director of Andrew Gardiner Law and he speaks on the impending changes to the Land Tax laws in Queensland. This podcast is quite different to the norm but incredibly important if you have investment properties in Queensland or are thinking you will invest in Queensland in the future. […]

Her Investment Property Podcast with Sarah

“Today is all about an inspiring single woman, Sarah, who started her property investment journey at the age of 54. Her super power is that she has great focus and determination and within 18 months grew her portfolio to 3 properties. Sarah knew that she was facing a very basic retirement lifestyle and decided she […]