Her Investment Property Podcast with Lucy Burns

Today’s special guest is Dr Lucy Burns from Real Life Medicine. Her focus is on Health, Wellness and Wealth. In her words “What’s the point of being wealthy if you don’t have the health to enjoy it!” In this podcast we talk about why she chose ‘medicine’ over a whole host of other things she […]

Her Investment Property Podcast with Julie Crockett

Julie Crockett, Host of Her Investment Property Podcast shares her insights into the current property market and how even in times of high inflation and rising interest rates, there are many opportunities to keep growing your property portfolio – with the right Strategy, of course! The property market is in a state of transition from […]

Her Investment Property Podcast with Lauren Law

Today’s special guest is Lauren Law and she’s an ex accountant and ex financial advisor who now helps Melissa Browne with delivering the ‘My Financial Adulting Plan’, an online Course for those wanting to get on top of the finances and all things ‘money. Lauren has had a very interesting ‘finance’ background and tells us […]

Her Investment Property Podcast with Kristy Hunter.

My special guest today is Kristy Hunter, a young woman who learnt the art of investing at a young age, thanks to her clever Dad. When she was just 12 years old he gave her ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ to read and straight away she was HOOKED on Property Investing! Since then she has built, […]

Her Investment Property Podcast with Annette Dickson

Annette Dickson has a background in the mortgage and finance industry, is an avid property investor and passionate about helping women to get their finances in order. Her property investment journey has been a very interesting one to say the least and it all started at a Property Investment Education event well over 20 years […]

Her Investment Property Podcast with Rebecca Maxwell

My guest today is Rebecca Maxwell who shares her investment story and I must admit, she starts off with what sounds like a ‘dream life’. Rebecca was working in a great job, met the man of her dreams, got married and had 2 children. Along the way, she “fell” into property investing and while everything […]

Her Investment Property Podcast with Maree Kirkpatrick

Today’s guest is the lovely Maree Kirkpatrick who is a business owner extraordinaire and a property investor. She is juggling running businesses (yes, more than one!) while raising her young family. Her property investment journey started at the age of 21 and Maree says “it is one of the smartest financial decisions she’s made.” This […]

Her Investment Property Podcast with Emma Walkinshaw

I had the privilege to interview Emma Walkinshaw on her property investment journey. Emma was fortunate to grow up in a household where ‘money’ was frequently discussed and this was very much a normal part of her everyday life. Her parents were hard working business owners and she learnt the value of investing. Fast forward […]

Her Investment Property Podcast with Fiona Morris

Today’s podcast marks a whole year of Her Investment Property Podcast. That’s right! we turn 1 year old on Thursday! My guest today is Fiona Morris and what an inspiring lady she is! Just 5 years ago she was sleeping on a friend’s lounge, Bankrupt and jobless. She picked herself up, dusted herself off and […]

Her Investment Property Podcast with Heather Andrews

Here’s another podcast for editing attached. There are a couple of coughs about half way through that will need editing out please. Here are the show notes: Heather Andrews is the guest today in the Property Professionals Team series. Heather started her working career as a teacher and when her children left school she made […]