Property Investment Education is More Important Than Ever

As a property investor, I’ve always found education and training are essential for success. By taking courses, reading books, and attending seminars, you can gain a better understanding of the market and the skills needed to make informed investment decisions. One way to start your education is by taking a course on property investing. These […]

Jan 25, 2023
Why Poverty Stalks Women in Retirement

There’s been gloom hovering over Australia’s A$2 trillion property sector recently. Inflation continues to be a huge issue, and it responded by abruptly ratcheting up interest rates even as real wages are falling well behind. Still, sales are staging a coming back as savvy property investors pick up bargains. Smart investors recognise opportunity when they […]

Nov 22, 2022
Why Do I Need Property Investment Education?

For many of us, the property market is an intimidating beast. As a nation, we’re working longer hours often across multiple jobs but making less or struggling to cope with the impact of inflation. It may be time for you to consider planning for your future by investing in real estate. If that seems intimidating […]

Sep 05, 2022
What is Rentvesting?

We all know housing is getting trickier to buy closer to the city centre. And property values have given the stratosphere a nudge even allowing for the impact inflation and increased interest rates have had on housing prices. As prices exceed the affordability of the average household, those average households are still looking to have […]

Sep 05, 2022
What If I Don't Have A Deposit For An Investment Property?

Deposits, deposits, deposits, they’re front and centre on every prospective home buyer’s mind, particularly in an era of rising interest rates and more conservative bank lending practices. But what if there was another way? Buying your investment property without a deposit may be difficult but with a dash of lateral thinking, it’s not mission impossible. […]

Sep 05, 2022